1st ASEAN University Network for Business and Economics Virtual Conference (16 April 2021)

Theme: “Enabling the Transformation of Resilient Business Environment and Innovation Ecosystem in the ASEAN”

Update 25 May 2021: The 2021 AUN-BE Conference Proceeding is available here (PDF).

2021 AUN-BE Conference

Although there will be no abrupt end to the pandemic, business and economics schools should paint a more agile, collaborative, and sustainable future for their stakeholders. Planning for life during and after the coronavirus has forced schools to react to sudden changes and respond to shifting student demands, travel restrictions, the rapid switch to online learning, budget cuts due to the economic crisis that led to unemployment.

To thrive once the crisis of COVID-19 is over, societies should ensure that the lessons learned from the pandemic—the technology, the infrastructure, the mindset shift, and all other actions that helped them thrive—will be used to formulate policies, programs, and courses of action that will alleviate poverty and improve the quality of life via job generation, business start-ups, and growth.

Thus, the 2021 AUN-BE Conference aims to harness the experiences, outlook, and strategies that would enable business and economic societies in the ASEAN region to become catalysts for alleviating the catastrophic effects of the pandemic on businesses and the economy.

Call for Papers

Authors are invited to submit their research and/or working papers on themes on, but not limited to, the following:

  • Employment upskilling and reskilling
  • Policy suggestions to boost business and economic recovery
  • Business incubation
  • Economic situation and outlook
  • Pandemic’s impact on businesses
  • How to start and restart a business in the new normal
  • Business ethics in the new normal

Important Dates

  1. Submission of Extended Abstract (2 pages) –– March 15, 2021
  2. Notification of Acceptance –– March 22, 2021
  3. Submission of Full Paper (6 pages) –– April 7, 2021
  4. Conference –– April 16, 2021
  5. Submission of Final Paper –– April 23, 2021


Instructions for submission
  1. Short Paper (First Version)
    • Submission of a short paper is required for paper presentations.
    • The submission of the short paper for paper presentations must contain a brief introductory statement of the research and continue with the summary of the results obtained, followed by a conclusion(s). It is not acceptable to say, “the results will be discussed.” It must also include a list of key bibliographic sources.
    • Standard abbreviations should be used throughout the text. Any special or unusual abbreviation should be spelled out in full at first mention, followed by the abbreviation in parentheses. Please use a minimal number of abbreviations.
    • Symbols (i.e., Greek) can be used as well as boldfaced, underlined, and italicized characters.
    • Check the manuscript carefully for grammatical or typographical errors.
    • Format for the short paper may be found at the following URLs:
    • Except for paper submissions to the Poster Sessions, all paper submissions should have the lead researcher as the corresponding author. A maximum of four (4) paper submissions per corresponding author are allowed.
    • Short papers must be prepared as Portable Document Format (.pdf file format) consisting of a maximum of 6 pages on a letter-sized page, with one-inch margins on all sides. The abstract MUST BE in TEXT ONLY without graphs, pictures, or tables, and should contain a title, name/s of author/s (underline the name of the presenting author), department/s, and address/es. Make sure to indicate whether the author would like to include his or her full paper in the conference proceedings.
    • Include acknowledgments of the source(s) of research support (if any) on the bottom line of the extended abstract.
    • All short papers must be written in English and submitted electronically to the following link:
  2. If the submitted First version of the short paper is accepted, the author has until April 7, 2021, to prepare the second version of the paper addressing the comments received, if any. The second version of the paper should also consist of a maximum of 6 pages on a letter-sized page, with one-inch margins on all sides, and should be submitted in two different files. Submit the .pdf file format to EasyChair via the following link:
  3. Conference
    • Pre-recorded presentations must not exceed 15 minutes each.
    • In order for the final full paper to appear in the conference proceedings, the accepted papers should be presented during the conference.
  4. The Final Paper will be published in the conference proceedings (unless the author has indicated to exclude it from the proceedings). If the paper is presented at the conference, the author has until April 23, 2021 to submit the .pdf file format of the final paper (max of 6 pages) to the AUN BEC EasyChair submission page:

Publication Opportunities

Journal partners

Authors who would like to publish their papers in the following journals will be given consideration after having rounds of development and revisions:

  • Journal of Indonesian Economy and Business (EBSCO, DOAJ, ProQuest indexed)
  • DLSU Business & Economics Review (SCOPUS Q3)
  • Asia Pacific Social Science Review (SCOPUS Q2)
  • Philippine Academy of Management (PAOM) E-Journal
  • Journal of Global Business E-Journal


All questions about submissions should be emailed to